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Pukul 1 Pagi. Lelaki Ini Terjumpa Maknyah di Johor Bharu. Ketika Sesi Soal Jawab.. TIBA-TIBA….

| May 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

Pukul 1 Pagi. Lelaki Ini Terjumpa Maknyah di Johor Bharu. Ketika Sesi Soal Jawab.. TIBA-TIBA…. | Seperti yang diceritakan oleh FB Reza Zainal (LINK). When I was in form 4, I went joy riding with a few friends.


The driver, my classmate did not have a valid driving license.

After a late supper, we decided to drive around in a seedy street in Johor Bahru where prostitutes are known to hang around after 1 am.

Don’t ask me why we did it but adolescent boys are suppose to do stupid acts like this while growing up.

A sort of ‘Rite of Passage’.

There were no girls but only men dressed in women clothing.

Stupidly my friend decided to slow down.

Out of nowhere, this muscular guy in a tight women clothing stopped the car.

We just froze.

‘Wanna have a good time..?’, the guy in the tight women clothing asked.

We looked at each other and the horror registered on our innocent faces.

My friend the driver decided to pretend to be cool and asked..

‘Good time like what.?’

The guy leaned over to our car which has since stopped. I can see the guy’s sinewy muscular arms.

‘I can do blowjobs..’ he said.

Then he said the most peculiar thing.

‘Air-cond cost extra..’

Since this was a back alley, we were wondering what ‘air-cond’ was.

I innocently asked him…

‘What is ‘air-cond’..?’

He looked at me and in a matter of fact said…

‘I do blowjob while having Hacks so you feel the sensation..’

My friend hit the gas peddle and we were off like the car was on fire and didn’t look back.

After that incident, I can never look at Hacks sweet quite the same way and we never went there again.

Ever. KREDIT FB Reza Zainal (LINK).

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