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2 Orang India Ni Sedang Breakfast.. Apa Yang Dilakukan oleh Pekerja RnR Kepada Mereka Bakal MENGEJUTKAN Ramai !!!

| August 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

2 Orang India Ni Sedang Breakfast.. Apa Yang Dilakukan oleh Pekerja RnR Kepada Mereka Bakal MENGEJUTKAN Ramai !!! | Seperti yang diceritakan oleh Syed Azmi di sebuah RnR PLUS. This two Indian gentlemen were having breakfast at a R&R Rawang. They had Nasi lemak and drinks. We were just one table away from them.


Then, both get up. Their hot drinks were still there, one of the drink is still full. This is why it caught my eye. The full frothy Teh tarik.

Seconds later, a R&R cleaner cleans up their table. There goes the minimally drank Teh tarik.

Then, the two Indian gentlemen came back with their tray of food, looking around for their drinks. No longer there. They just smile and sit down. I think then they said that one should have stayed with the drinks. But all was well.

So my team decided lets buy them back drinks. We went to the drink stall and reorder what they have and ask the waiter to send it to them anonymously. Then we sat back at our table and continue with our breakfast.

One of the Indian guy get up to buy mineral water. The cashier then said to him that a stranger bought him drinks. I was nearby. The Indian guy decline it but in the end took it. His friend was surprised too. This time, they took their time and drink it.

Mission accomplished. My team member ask me on how can I realised about all this around me?

This is simply because long time ago when I was in Bangkok I was broke. And I always waited at nearby coffeeshop for leftover drinks. Enough said.


After they finished their drink. I walked over to them and start with.

“Hey abang, abang tak marah kan saya dengan kawan saya belanja abg air?” With a bright chubby cheeks smile.

That breaks the ice a bit. I said to him, I didn’t know they were still not finished with their drinks just now and I am sure with the current price, surely sad. Its still too early to be sad, so I thought hey, just get the guys another round. Surely an unexpected surprise is good.

He said, yes its really good and never expected it. He thanked us many many times and in the end we just had a small chat.

One thing we agree is that the cleaners here are super efficient! Lol.

It depends really on you to either admit or not to the person you belanja. Really up to you. Either way its not wrong.
Personally to me, I would rather know so I can meet new friends. But hey, that is just me, what would I know. KREDIT FB SYED AZMI.

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